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"Embark on a journey into the lucrative landscape of tourism investments..."

"Welcome to the realm of exceptional tourism investments, particularly with the prestigious PALM project  in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic! Here, the fusion of breathtaking natural beauty and promising financial opportunities presents an unparalleled chance for astute investors.

The Dominican Republic is currently experiencing a remarkable surge in its tourism sector, with Bayahibe positioned at the heart of this growth. PALM, as an innovative residential endeavor, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge architecture, elegant design, and the unspoiled allure of the Caribbean. This seamless integration not only creates highly desirable living spaces but also offers an exceptionally lucrative investment prospect.

What makes investing in PALM in Bayahibe so compelling?

  1. Touristic Flourish: The region consistently attracts a steady stream of tourists, resulting in robust demand for premium accommodations.

  2. Government Backing: The Dominican government actively fosters the tourism sector by investing in infrastructure and providing incentives to investors.

  3. Idyllic Setting: Bayahibe, with its crystalline waters and charming fishing villages, exerts a magnetic pull on travelers in search of exclusive vacation experiences.

  4. Comprehensive Project: This avant-garde development not only delivers contemporary design and unparalleled comfort but also ensures security and amenities that elevate the overall experience.

Invest in PALM in Bayahibe and step into a world where returns and tropical luxury living go hand in hand. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this success story – your profitable investment and exclusive retreat await!"

Discover the epitome of luxury living at PALM Bayahibe, an exquisite resort nestled in the tropical haven of Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. Situated in close proximity to the stunning Bayahibe Beach and Dominicus Beach, located just 900 meters and 6 kilometers away respectively, PALM Bayahibe offers an unparalleled retreat for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence.

With a total of 287 meticulously designed apartments spread across five levels and a terrace, PALM Bayahibe presents a range of lavish accommodations to suit every preference. Choose from elegantly appointed 1 and 2-bedroom apartments or indulge in the opulence of our penthouses featuring private pools, each offering a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility.

Convenience meets luxury with our two underground parking levels, ensuring seamless access to your exclusive retreat. At PALM Bayahibe, immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled beauty and sophistication, where every detail is crafted to elevate your experience to new heights of luxury.




Immerse yourself in a fantastic luxury resort located in the tropical paradise of Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic . Close to Bayahibe Beach and Dominicus Beach which are located 900 meters and 6 kilometers away respectively .


287 APARTMENTS ( five levels and terrace )


1 and 2 bedrooms Penthouses with private pool 2 underground parking levels



The penthouse apartments at PALM come in various configurations, offering a wide range of options for potential buyers. Here's a description of the available features:

  1. Size: The penthouse apartments range in size from 65 m2 to spacious 180 m2, with various options in between including 120 m2, 146 m2, and 165 m2.

  2. Bedrooms and bathrooms: There are options with one or two bedrooms and with 1 to 2.5 bathrooms, providing flexibility based on the buyer's needs.

  3. Location: Buyers have the option to choose between indoor and outdoor locations, with some penthouse apartments offering stunning pool or sea views.

  4. Terraces: Each penthouse apartment features generous terraces ranging from approximately 40 to 110 m2, ideal for enjoying the views or outdoor relaxation.

  5. Floor: All penthouse apartments are situated on the 5th floor, offering magnificent views and privacy.

  6. Private Jacuzzi: Some of the penthouse apartments feature their own private Jacuzzi, adding a luxurious touch to the amenities.

It's important to note that due to high demand, approximately 50% of the penthouse apartments have already been reserved or sold as of April 1, 2024. Therefore, potential buyers should act quickly to secure their preferred unit.

PALM - Penthouse



This type of apartment has large spaces with one bedroom, one bathroom, terrace and living room – kitchen with breakfast bar. Total area of each apartment, depending on the block and level where it is located, will be between 55 and 75 m². The apartments make intelligent use of space, offering comfortable distributions combined with attractive finishes.

The terraces of our luxury apartments have been meticulously designed to offer an outdoor space that combines elegance, comfort and functionality. Each has been conceived as a private oasis,

providing residents with an exceptional space to relax, entertain and enjoy the outdoors in a setting of unparalleled luxury.

They offer panoramic views of the city, the ocean, or the surrounding natural environment.


All apartments are fully furnished, with LED ambient lighting, hanging lamps or sconces to create a cozy ambiance at night. Living area with comfortable sofas and high-end cushions to enjoy the fresh air and tranquility and chaise lounges for sunbathing and relaxing in privacy.



This type of apartment offers spacious layouts with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a terrace, and a living room-kitchen area with a breakfast bar. The total area of each apartment varies depending on the block and level where it is located, ranging between 76 and 85 square meters.

These apartments utilize space intelligently, providing comfortable layouts paired with attractive finishes.

The terraces of our luxury apartments have been meticulously designed to offer an outdoor space that combines elegance, comfort, and functionality. Each terrace is conceived as a private oasis, offering residents an exceptional space to relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors in an environment of unparalleled luxury. They provide panoramic views of the city, the ocean, or the surrounding natural landscape.

All apartments come fully furnished, featuring LED ambient lighting, hanging lamps, or sconces to create a cozy atmosphere at night.

The living area is furnished with comfortable sofas and high-end cushions to enjoy the fresh air and tranquility, along with chaise lounges for sunbathing and relaxing in privacy.


Experience an avant-garde residential complex that harmonizes architecture, design, and nature to offer you an unparalleled enjoyment.


Nestled in this quaint fishing village with crystal-clear waters, our studio units with 1 or 2 bedrooms invite you to explore the perfect equilibrium between comfort and beauty.


Enveloped in modern and elegant interior design that comes alive in every corner, PALM beckons you to discover the seamless blend of comfort and beauty.



Explore modern and chic interior design coming to life in every corner of these exquisitely appointed apartments. Step inside and experience the perfect fusion of comfort and beauty.


Cutting-Edge Design: Our dedication to modern and elegant interior design is reflected in spaces that blend clean, sophisticated lines with contemporary elements.

Color Harmony: A thoughtfully curated color palette seamlessly merges soft, neutral tones with vibrant splashes of color.

Premium Materials: We employ top-tier materials that promise durability and elegance.

Comfort and Functionality: Modern and stylish interior design, for us, is not just about aesthetics; it's also about maximizing comfort and functionality. Every space has been meticulously planned to provide you with a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle.


  • Security 24/7: Rest assured with round-the-clock security surveillance.

  • Underground Parking Spaces: Convenient parking facilities available.

  • Outdoor/Indoor Restaurant: Enjoy dining options both indoors and in the open air.

  • Commercial Premises: Nine commercial spaces available for various businesses.

  • Large Swimming Pools: Dive into relaxation with expansive swimming facilities.

  • Telephone Exchange: Stay connected with a dedicated telephone exchange.

  • Internet – WiFi: Seamless internet connectivity with WiFi access throughout.

  • Beach Transfer Buggies: Hassle-free transportation to and from the beach with beach transfer buggies.

  • ATM (Automated Teller Machine): On-site ATM for convenient cash withdrawals.

  • Airport Transfer Service: Stress-free travel with airport transfer services available.

  • Others:

  • Daycare and Green Areas: Safe and nurturing daycare facilities along with lush green spaces.

  • Meeting and Events Area: Versatile spaces for meetings and events.

  • Spa: Pamper yourself with luxurious spa treatments.

  • Gym and Wellness: Stay fit and healthy with state-of-the-art gym facilities and wellness programs.

  • Bicycle and Running Lane: Explore the surroundings with dedicated lanes for cycling and running.

  • Mini-Golf: Tee off and enjoy leisurely rounds of mini-golf.

  • Tennis and Paddle Courts: Perfect your serve with tennis and paddle courts on-site.

  • Pet-Friendly Areas: Bring along your furry friends and enjoy designated pet-friendly spaces.




  • Light-Filled Spaces: Expansive rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows harnessing natural light.

  • Soundproofing Excellence: Noise-reducing glass, double-glazed with airtight sealing.

  • European-Style Kitchen: Fully furnished European kitchen inclusive of appliances and utensils.

  • Imported Elegance: Imported porcelain floors and doors.

  • Automated Comfort: Electric curtains and awnings with integrated LED lighting.

  • Premium Finishes: High-quality European tiles throughout.

  • Wood-Effect Porcelain Flooring: High-quality porcelain tiles in wood finish, marrying beauty with durability.

  • Unobstructed Views: Glass railings offering clear views and a sense of spaciousness.

  • Sunbathing Sanctuary: Chaise longue for sunbathing and relaxation in privacy.

  • Natural Oasis: Luxuriant plants, decorative pots, and vertical gardens creating a serene and natural ambiance.


PRICES from US$ $149,000


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