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Simplify your rental process today!


 CARIBEEXPERT RentPalm streamlines the tenant screening process by providing you with a completed rental application that includes credit check, criminal reports and eviction-related proceedings for each applicant. Agents can start screening within minutes and results are available instantly.  Applicants pay a $38 fee directly to CARIBEEXPERT RentPalmto apply. Click here to learn more.

What is CARIBEEXPERT RentPalm? 

CARIBEEXPERT RentPalm is an online rental application service and includes tenant screening in order to streamline the rental process for both applicants and owners/agents

Save time

Take just two minutes to start your work. CARIBEEXPERT RentPalm provides tools for every step of the rental process to help you close deal faster.

Invite applicants to apply

Share ApplyLink with potential renters so they can apply online. CARIBEEXPERT RentPalm then accompanies you through the entire reservation process.

Reduce Liability

Protect yourself and your clients by minimizing handling of personal information. RentSpree helps collect all the information needed, so you don't have to.

View and share with your friends

You will receive an email notification for each applicant who applies. Access all reports in seconds and share them with your friends - this way you can guarantee your friends that they will get the apartment they want for their vacation

Happy Clients

Become a hero for your clients. Providing them a complete, legible, and professional application package. Fill their rental vacancies faster than ever.


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